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Angry Norwegian - Let men be men.

Angry Norwegian is situated at 62° parallel north, in the small fishing town of Ålesund, Norway. Our roots stretch back to the old Viking warrior Rollo (Ganger-Hrólf), the first ruler of Normandy, France. During the Viking age, beards symbolized manliness. We believe it's time to take back the beard. We are not hipsters. We are men. Regardless of trends.

Since 2015 Angry Norwegian has been blending, shaking and cooking up oils, balms and waxes for men who strive for bearded excellence. Our Beard Oils and Mustache Waxes are sold throughout the world, and we are working relentlessly to make it every bearded man's preferred products, because we know, real men don't settle for shit.

Angry Norwegian (unlike our competitors) don't use perfume, essential oils or other fragrances. Our motto is "Don't Smell like an Aromatherapy Yoga Instructor. Smell like a man." Who wants to smell like vanilla fudge or eucalyptus lavender anyway?

We cooperate with The Norwegian Correctional Services and engage inmates in product development and manufacturing of our famous "Don't Drop The Soap"-Beard Shampoo.

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All cosmetic products are passionately crafted in accordance to EU regulations of cosmetic products.