Jail Made Coffee - 3 x 250g

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Kriminelt God Kaffe - 750g

Angry Norwegians latest Jail Made cooperation is now in action with Bjørgvin Prison, Norway.

About the collaboration:
The inmates have been thought the art of coffee roasting by professionals roasters and baristas. Learning new skills while serving time can have an amazing impact upon re-entering society at release especially when it comes to applying for work. Angry Norwegian aim to offer several roasts of Jail Made coffee from Bjørgvin Prison over the next years. We hope bringing the coffee to customers around the world will contribute to exporting the idea of the Nordic Correctional System and the benefits of rehabilitation contra punishment.

About the coffee:
Name: Kriminelt God Kaffe
Type: Filter.
Date of roast: 22.11.18
Bean: 100% Brazilian Monte Cristo.
Strength: Medium Roast.
Aroma: Chocolate, nuts and slightly fruity.