3 x DDTS Beard Wash 100ml (300ml)


Image of 3 x DDTS Beard Wash 100ml (300ml)

Get 3 DDTS Beard Wash at a great price!

Angry Norwegian's been at it again!
We haven't skimped on anything with this exceptional wash.

After testing a vast selection of the existing beard washes on the market, we can now offer what is arguably the best beard wash on the market.

We have successfully replicated and improved the effects and benefits of the DDTS Beard Shampoo Bar and turned it into liquid form.

Perfume free. Paraben free. F**king awesome beard wash.

Since the dawn of time, there have never been such a tremendous impact on the well being of beards like you're about to experience.

Low on foam. High on effect!

Why use beard products you say?
All your questions will be answered at


Image of 3 x DDTS Beard Wash 100ml (300ml)